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What Happened in May?

May was a great month for me, even though it’s more of a decision making, but I learned a lot especially about myself. I think of it as a challenge and new beginning for me. 


If you ask me what’s the best had happened in May, it’s my blog! Actually, I was planning to launch my blog in June, especially when I feel I’m not ready enough for it. But now, after deciding to launch it early I’m glad I did it without to wait for another month to come.


Last year I realize how I’m such a homebody. I prefer to sit at home for the entire day just doing my own stuff. If you ask me out, I will pretend to make myself busy and having the time for my life. But not for this month, I’ve been actively going out every week for a day or twice to explore the city. Well, you might say that’s not much but I count it as a lot. As I rarely do it anyway. And that’s thanks to my lovely sister who accompanied me out all the time.  


Going back to a routine of exercising have been so much fun. I used to do it more often back in my college days. But after finishing my studies and start working, I rarely find time to do it. Of course a bit of procrastinating making me lazy to do it, but now, I’m glad I able to push myself without making any excuses.


My brother turned 24 on the 29th which make him 2 years older than me. Normally we will celebrate a birthday by going out for dinner. But this time, we’ve been eating out for dinner 3 days straight. Even now I can remember the food that I ate and how fulfilling is that.


I’ve been going through so much emotion especially this month. Though I believe it’s a way to make me stronger in terms of my ability and who am I, to begin with. Losing someone who used to be so important in my life had made me realize that sometimes God wants the best for me and knowing someone for years doesn’t mean they will always stay. I guess sometimes not all people are meant to be with you, but by knowing them will help you to learn more about you or the others.


This month I’ve met my best friends! Meeting them was the best medicine when I’m having a rough day. It’s nice to be together and talk about all things without being self-contained. Though sometimes we meet only twice a year as they are still studying, but I’m still happy to have friends like them to cheer me on and how much they’ve given me support.


That’s my highlights for the month of May. I guess happy and sad times does come along; sometimes wanting to be happy for the whole day is something that is impossible to do especially when an unexpected thing can happen instantly. How fast a day went by and now in June we are a half year more till New Year begin. So, let’s enjoy the day and fill it with satisfaction than regrets.   

So how was your MAY?

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Great post! I love reading month recaps they make me feel like you can get so much accomplished in ~30 days or so. Congrats on launching your blog!