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Waves of Life

Yesterday was one of the difficult days of my life. I drove slowly to work as I’m trying to enjoy the music that was playing in my car. But still, I don’t feel good enough. Instead, I said why not drop by the beach for 15 minutes while I still have half an hour before work started. Even though I’m worried about the time, I followed my intuition and go for it. It was just a random decision to release all of my worries. At first, I was not sure whether it will help or not, but nothing felt more amazing after that. 


Here’s what I wrote:

Sitting here at the beach with the gentle sands, hearing the sounds of the wave. Nothing more blissful than having this moment to enjoy 15 minutes of my day before heading to work. Everything is unexpected, I decided to come down and sit on the beach to calm myself from feeling overwhelmed with life. I’m grateful for the time that I had and get so many inspirations about life. While watching the waves hit the shore, I realize our life is exactly like the wave. Our worries constantly coming from beyond our reach. It will go back and forth sometimes just like the unstoppable waves. It can be an enormous or just slight ripples. Life is truly unpredictable and full of uncertainty. There are times we hoped for better but most of the time the results are completely different. And thus our worries hit us like the big waves. Of course, there’s no way we can eliminate them, but we can choose to hear the calming sounds after that. It is soothing to our ear, isn’t it? Life itself is an inspiring motivation for us to keep going and not give up. Because there’s more to what’s waiting ahead. Keep praying and you will be calm. 


I was almost in the major of break down and I have the least ideas on how to solve them but the words from God motivates me to keep moving forward. Even though sometimes I feel like running away from all the uncertainty, but I know it will train me to be a stronger person in the future. Even how hard it may seem, this too shall pass. That’s how wonderful things are. We didn’t realize until we took that one unexpected move to feel some changes. Even it means a small step wanting to feel free again.


Sometimes I have no idea how to explain all my worries to someone because at the end of the day, I will be the one to face them and solutions are only for me to search. That’s why I prefer to be alone and step away from all the noise of life. Just being with my own company and relax my mind. 
Walking slowly while listening to my own footsteps, there’s no need to rush into life. But don’t take things for granted too, just enjoy the smallest moment where you can fully focus on your own being and be mindful of what your current feeling is. Even though you can’t find answers, but at least you can be calm in everything you do.  Life is full of wonder but it’s such a beautiful place to be in. 

Little Reminders: 

Uncertainty is the main cause to worry. It’s one of the hardest things to clear away from our life. They will come like a thief to jump into your mind and cause tremendous trauma to the heart. But you as long as you are living, you will always be okay as this too shall pass. Embrace the uncertainty and enjoy every moment of your life. Everything is worth to be grateful.

Be better version of yourself

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Liz Rivera

wow that was written amazingly


Sometimes we need a little time to let things go. I find nature is the best place to do that.

Tara Pittman
Tara Pittman

It makes me happy that you turn to God for help to keep going. There will be bad days but there also will be good days.

Cristina Petrini

These posts full of introspection and thoughts are the ones I love to read the most!

Amber Myers

Yes, what a great reminder. I never try to take things for granted. I always try to focus on the positive. I like what you wrote.

Amy-Lynn Denham

We literally NEED to embrace uncertainty if we are going to be able to enjoy our lives. Like you said, it’s inevitable. It IS life, really. We can plan and we probably should for certain things but, in the end, if all goes awry we gotta’ just let it happen.


Stepping away from life and reevaluating everything that happened is a really important practice that we need to do in this hectic life. I need to do this a lot otherwise life can get on top of you quickly.

Tammie Reinhart
Tammie Reinhart

It’s easy to get lost in the stresses of everyday life and to get overwhelmed with them. Try to look for the little joys that otherwise gets lost.

Erica Rodgers
Erica Rodgers

I relate to this so much. I was on a vacation completely overwhelmed and the only thing that calmed me was hanging out at the ocean. Thank you for sharing

Jessica Joachim

This was so real and from the heart. I know I have those days where I feel uncertain and they suck! Giving it up and letting it just happen seems to help me get through it.

Kathy Kenny Ngo

Life throws us curveballs and hits us with waves. We just need to learn to swim with it, not against it.

Gervin Khan
Gervin Khan

I think everyone of us feel the feeling of uncertainty and I believe that it is normally comes to our lives all we need to do is to pray surrender it with God and let him to the rest but of course, you still need to do something on your side do the thing that you think it will help you resolve the problem and also do not give up.

Fran Jorgensen
Fran Jorgensen

just like you the beach is my happy place. I have started meditating using Insight timer and it has helped me a lot to keep my anxiety at bait!


I love the rollercoaster of emotions in here. peaceful on the start then uncertainty in the end.. Pure flow of thoughts


Love the idea of this calmness and slowness! Days that are rough and difficult can really color our perspective on life, but I think being in awe of life and taking this one step at a time are essential.


I think the uncertainy of life is where all the fun lies but it also gives anxiety to many of us. I can relate to your words.


Completely agreed, this post is very realistic and Honestly, there are very few writers who write their heart out, and you are one of them.

Great post.

Brooke Brunson

A very heartwarming post about life. Great job.

Crystal Carder

This was such a real post. You are so right comparing our worries to the waves. Sometimes our worries are far beyond our reach.

Alvern @ Success Unscrambled

I have to say that visiting the beach is always an amazing, refreshing and uplifting experience for me. I am glad that the sea helped you too. Yes, life is full of trials. These trials are there to strengthen us because fear is our worse enemy.