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The fear of Mistakes

In the past, I used to bother so much with my mistakes. I can think about it until the next day or even weeks. It made me feel so heavy and burdened as I was trying to figure out how to undo the problem. I worried about being judged and having a bad relationship with anyone.

However, after reaching my twenties I started to realize the mistake is actually a good thing and it’s not something that one should take priority in life and constantly get tied by it. Because the more mistakes that I made, the more I let myself to think over where I had gone wrong and try my best to find solutions.


If you keep thinking mistake as a negative thing, then what makes you here today? I’m sure you heard this saying “learn from your mistakes” a lot. You know what? I do live for that. I know we all have the fear of making mistakes and it’s not easy to just brush it off. I admit I’m scared of it too because sometimes the outcomes are bigger and it can affect others.

You see, most of the time people care more about the bad rather than the good sides we have. However, if you’ve done it, there’s nothing can be done except do better on the next one. From there, it will help you gain more understanding of what is happening. I know no one wants to purposely do it if they know they will end up making mistakes. 


Let’s just say you just got fired from your favorite job that you’ve always longed for. How painful it was and here you are thinking all the wrong things that you did. But if you never get fired, you won’t had the chance to soar out and try something new, isn’t it?

They often said don’t make mistake or choose a wrong path in your life. But is it easier to aim to be perfect? No, that’s impossible. Even if you made a wrong decision, there’s always a new path is waiting. Don’t worry, life is full of choices if one didn’t work out, why not try another option.


Remember, a person who cares so much about your mistakes is not the one who will determine your life. They can judge, mock or label you with all sorts of name, but don’t put yourself down to their expectations. A human can never be perfect. That’s why mistakes are made to find solutions. 

Everything has a reason behind it. Good or bad, time will keep moving without waiting. That’s how wonderful life is, we learn and keep learning from our mistakes to shape our future together. Just Don’t give up.


Now I never take it as something that going to hold me back from doing things I want to strive for. Opportunities are everywhere, it might not be easy but once you get what you wanted, you will be glad about your mistakes as it will lead you to more exciting phase in your life. You might even learn something about yourself that you never know about.



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Ntensibe Edgar

So true, on your piece here, Lala! Thanks sweetness, for sharing.

Much love from me and a big hug.


These are good ideas for keeping a positive mindset in life.


I think your advise to “not worry because it’s okay” is perfect. Everything will be as it should.

Lesley (makemeupblogs)

These are definitely important factors to keep in mind to live a healthier and more positive lifestyle! Amazing post!


Thinking about failure is good thing if we want to learn. Most people just remind their failures to blame others or threating to others. Such a nice thought you written here. Best of luck.

Mama to 6 Blessings

Those are great tips. No one is perfect and we need to remember not to be so hard on ourselves. I find your post very encouraging!


These are some very good tips to stay sane in a crazy world. People make mistakes, and it’s very normal.


I find it so hard to recover sometimes when I make a mistake that involves someone else’s feelings. I can’t be okay again until I’ve taken care of it.

Kristen K

Great piece! The thing I always try to keep in mind about my mistakes, is that often I am the only one that knows they were mistakes. If I don’t point them out to others, rarely does anyone else even notice them. It took me years to just accept a compliment for something instead of pointing out all the mistakes I thought I had made. It’s important to accept our flaws, and understand that sometimes we are the only ones that think they are there.


So true on all of your points! Learning from your mistakes is one of the best ways you can continue to grow on your path to success.


Good viewpoint. I have learned more how to own my mistakes and if you admit them and remedy them, people are almost always receptive.


Thank you for sharing this post. I definitely have times when I think over in my head over and over for days how I could have done things different or said something, spoken up, or replied with more tact. Even though it is more likely rare for that too happen, it can try to bring me down. However, the older I get the more I realize that it is not a good use of my time to dwell on the negative problems. I let myself think of how to improve, then I try to focus on other things. I enjoyed… Read more »

Samuel frodo

This is just fo me, I am so afraid of making mistakes and when I do, I get so bothered for days, I keep thinking about how I could have done things differently, but like you have said we should only learn from these mistakes and grow.. Thank you for sharing


Thanks for the advice Lala. I love that quote about making mistakes to find solutions. So true.

Evelyn, PathofPresence

I think it is awesome that you are writing about mistakes, and sharing transparently how you have learned from them. Good on you!!! For me, a “mistake” is mislabeled. What we consider a mistake is actually a redirection – a way of the universe self correcting and guiding us to what’s best for us.


Our mistakes are just steps into the right direction. Experiment and move on.


This is a great reminder! We should not fear making mistakes but the fear should be of never learning from them.


I love this post! I feel like as a mom, I am constantly struggling to be okay with making mistakes and not doing everything right. Thank you for sharing!

Angela Ricardo Bethea

Mistakes are there to learn from. Making mistakes is part of life and instead of being sad, think positively. Grow and Learn. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.


We all make mistakes. What I’ve learned over the years is that if I hadn’t made those mistakes, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


I love this, I too have a past of fear with mistakes. You beautifully articulate how to achieve freedom of this dangerous thinking.

Christiana Acha

This is true. No one should let the fear of making mistakes stop you from living your life, either way mistakes must occur, just learn from them when they do and become a better person.

Ruth I
Ruth I

So true! I am a perfectionist and afraid to make mistakes before. But realized that mistakes are needed for us to learn.


Love it ! So true, we grow through experiences, which include mistakes.. They are all lessons learned after all !

Thanks for that great article!
Blessings ✨

Dana Brillante Peller

Such great tips. Sometimes we forget the value in owning up to our mistakes and accepting that not everything is going to go well.