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Petronas Twin Tower and Aquaria KLCC

In my previous post, I didn’t mention where I went for the trip. It was Kuala Lumpur!

My first travel started when I was small. My dad brought us to see the big city of Kuala Lumpur. I was 10 at that time If I remember correctly.  Honestly, I barely remember the experiences apart from the overexposed photo shot by my dad under the Petronas Twin Tower with his trusty canon film camera.

But this time, since I travel alone, I thought of trying the popular attraction in Kuala Lumpur. Almost every time I went to KL I never had those chances to experience any touristy thing. But I wanted to start small, so I decided to visit the Petronas Twin Tower and Aquaria KLCC. I bought the tickets from klook since both tickets are offering a good price.

I took a lot of photos, so here’s my Petronas Twin Tower and Aquaria KLCC photo diary. 



Petronas Twin Tower

My first stop is the Petronas Twin Tower. The ticket I purchased from klook is RM45 for an adult with a Mykad holder. For a non-Mykad holder, it will be RM100. Everything includes a one-way transfer within the KL area from your hotel. You can check them here. The driver will hand the ticket upon pick up. This is a good deal if your stay is far away from the Petronas Twin Tower. If not, you can purchase the ticket directly from the Petronas Twin Towers website instead.

Visiting time will start from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, so you can have more options to choose for your preferred time to visit the Petronas Twin Tower. The tour length will take about forty-five minutes but I went for a 10:00 AM visit since I plan to go to the Aquaria next.

The Petronas Twin Tower is only 10 minutes walk from my hostel. But my ticket does offer a one-way ticket transfer, I will have someone to drop me off there.  At first, the driver planned to pick me up at 9:00 AM especially it’s near and I can reach there in just three minutes by car. But he actually arrived at 8:30 AM instead. I glad I did get ready an hour before. So since he came early, he decided to treat me for breakfast.

(Anyway, just a reminder, it’s advisable to be there at least half an hour early and the check-in time will be fifteen minutes before the visiting time.)

We went to the street near the Petronas Twin Tower which is next to the Parkview Service Apartment and I ordered a roti telur with dal. That was the first I tasted the dal and sambal altogether. Usually in Sabah, there won’t be sambal added. Maybe there is, but I never had one before. So I’m thankful to the driver for bringing me here because that was the best roti telur I ever had. He’s also a nice person with a lot of stories to tell. He used to work in Sabah for a few years as a tour guide before moving back to KL. 



After I finished my breakfast, he dropped me in front of the entrance. Since the Petronas Twin Tower is a popular tourist attraction, I thought I will be full of people. But maybe I was lucky this time or because the visit was on Thursday and the place was less crowded with only a few students are walking around. Even there are no queues in the ticket counter. So do visit during weekdays, you will be free from getting stuck in a crowd.

Upon check-in, I was given a yellow pass for my sightseeing group and after a safety brief was given, we rode the elevator to the first stop at the 41st floor for the Skybrigde. We were given ten minutes to enjoy the view and take as many photos as we can. It was so amazing to see the stunning full view from above, everything become so small. Even the cars look like a toy. Here are some shots I took at the Skybrigde. 

Next, we went up to the Observation Deck on the 86th floor. This time we have fifteen minutes to enjoy the view. I can see the top of the tower more clearly this time. Of course, there are more people here but I love it too. You can even have your photo taken by a photographer on this floor. But I’m sure you need to pay for it though. That’s why I chose to take every photo by myself instead. 

But I’m glad the view wasn’t fully covered by haze when September KL was heavily suffocated from that. This time, the sky finally cleared up a little. 

This is my top favorite on the list. For many times I visited Kuala Lumpur (KL), it was the first time I feel so fascinated by their building. The more I look at it, the more I’m drawn by the structures. I can’t stop looking at it whenever I look up in the early morning of my walk. There are times when I thought the building feel like falling because of the size and height. I just love the majestic view of the Petronas Twin Tower.

Anyway, if you wanted to know more about the Petronas Twin Tower, everything can be found on their website.



Aquaria KLCC

My next stop was the Aquaria KLCC. It’s only a few minutes walks from the Petronas Twin Tower and that’s why I decided to visit them on the same day. Since there’s no restriction on what time to visit, I went there during the afternoon after lunch. If you want to plan your visit to the Aquaria, you can check their website here for more details.

My ticket cost me RM35 as a Mykad holder with a direct QR code entry. The price ticket from klook is cheaper compared to the actual website. So I chose to buy it there instead.

Anyway,  I took a lot of photos here compared to the Petronas Twin Tower. So please be ready to be bombarded by photos.  


If you are a sea creatures person, this will be worth to visit. Even if you’re not, it’s still a nice place to experience all the 360 views inside the tunnel. Everything looks so near, it feels like you can touch them if there’s no mirror to barrier them. When I saw the stingray from above, their mouth looks like smiling. It’s very cute. 



Doesn’t it feel like the stingray is angry to be in front of the camera?
I had this shot in the underwater tunnel. When I reached the end of the tunnel, I went back to its entrance again. I probably stayed here more than anyone else too. That’s why you will see almost every photo is featuring inside the tunnel. I can’t get enough with this place. It’s too much fun to see they feed the fishes. I might be even acting like a child all excited to see the stingrays eat up close for the first time.



The only con is the crowds. I had a lot of photobombed pictures with random strangers in it. But since everything is so lively, I’m satisfied with the overall experience. To be honest, it’s a little bit hard to take photos here especially with the dark atmosphere, but my camera tries its best to capture everything.


I felt the aesthetic when I saw this person standing while focusing on taking photos of the turtle. 

I have no idea I love taking a candid photo of strangers and these children were talking about how are the people cleaning the inside. 

To see they clean inside the tunnel is quite enjoyable for me. I had more shots of it too. But almost all of them with a similar one, so I just choose some. 

I really have fun during all of my visits. This was the first time for me to step into this big aquarium. There’s actually a lot of them I never knew existed. I hope one day I can have more chances to go to another country’s aquarium too. It was indeed an amazing experience. So I would highly recommend visiting this place at least once if you want to observe and discover more about the exotic sea life. 



Overall, I absolutely love both of these places especially the Petronas Twin Tower. For sure I will be there again in the future. But next will be the night time instead just to see the stunning from above. 


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Nik Nurehan

Kalau bawak anak anak ke aquaria mesti best. Tapi ann dah lama x ke kl. sudah 3 tahun tak kesana. Keadaan x mengizinkan. Kalau bekesempatan ke sana pasti ann nak bawak anak anak ke situ!


wah bestnya dapat naik ke atas twin tower. saya kalau ke klcc memang just sampai di suria shopping mall je. tak lebih dari tu. haha. btw aquaria tu memang best. pernah ke sana beberapa tahun lepas.

Shamiera Osment

Night time will be fun too with the beautiful light show from the lake. Do come again and jalan2 KL at night.


The view is so pretty! Such a great articel as well. I always love to go aqurium and adore all the fishes..

Fadzil ahmad

Wah. Long time i tak pergi jalan klcc. Dulu my father kerja situ, selalu jgk singgah. Best kan masuk aquaria. I tgk dari luar je. Dulu3 belum ada. Try jalan ke kl tower pulak. Sana pon menarik utk tourism

Bella Jamal

Guess what walaupun dah duduk KL lama, sis belum pernah naik Menara KL dan juga ke Aquaria KLCC. Gayat pula bila fikir nak tengok kawasan luar di atas Menara KL.Pernah ke KOMTAR melawat tempat seakan aquaria dan lepas ni akan cari masa ke Aquaria KLCC pula.


I went to Aquaria in last January this year. Fascinating and absolutely attractive especially for kids


Wow best sangat kagum dapat naik menara KLCC tu kita sendiri tak pernah naik sampai tinggkat yang atas atau separuh tu pun tak pernah. Selalu pergi kat Suria KLCC tu jer wakakakka kagum lah. Aquaria tu pun sendiri tak pernah masuk juga bencinya…

Mohamad Khairil Bin Hassan

dari dulu sampai sekarang masih lagi terpegun dengan seni bina pada KLCC ni. memang tak berubah tahap excited bila nampak KLCC. teringin nak naik skybridge tu. 🙂

Dik bee

Bestnya.. i sendiri tak pernah lagi naik ke tingkat atas KLCC tu. Selalu kat bawah je. Kalau KL tower pernah la. Next time ada rezeki i ingat nak naik jugak la atas tu. Mesti cantik kan view satu KL


AM kalu masuk ke aquaria mmg sanggup abiskan masa yg lama menghayati keunikan dan keindahan haiwan ciptaan tuhan nie.. Hujung mggu nie pun plan nak bawa anak2 ke aquaria juga

Mimi Azirah

Last i pergi Aquaria masa anak sulung dna anak kedua umur baru 5 dna 4 tahun. Sekarang dia dah 9 tahun. Nanti i nak bawak diorang datang lagi. Kali ni bawak adik dia pulak.

Fadima Mooneira

Perfect post and pictures are good too. You describe KLCC and Aquaria so perfect.


lama tak naik twin tower, tahu pergi klcc je, tapi tak berani naik atas ni. tapi wahhh, cantik betul view kl.


Dah lama la tak masuk KLCC. Selalu crowded hehe. Tapi Aquaria ni mcm best ja. Since ada anak boleh la bawak


KLCC, a place that must visit bila ke KL. biasa hunting biskut mark n spencer and popcorn garret. roti boy juga. tapi nice shot sangat yang ue ambil ni.

Nadia Johari

Oh My, syoknya you dah naik dekat bridge tu..i tak pernah naik pun..cantik sangat view dia..klau kL tower i pernahla naik sampai atas..aquaria tu best..