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May Reflections

Another month has passed and we are reaching the last day of May. I hope to keep on writing my monthly recaps and see how much things I’ve done. To tell you the truth, I’m a person with such little storage in my memory, so next time when I re-read them, I will remember all the things that had happened. 




Renewing my long lost blog.
Let’s be honest here, I’m actually not new to my blog but I’m a total beginner in doing blogging. Not to mention about SEO I have yet to understand them too. But I’m happy to step up and decide to launch my blog all over again which I totally lose the motivations year back. Here is my first post for this year. I explained why I stop for a year and finally take on blogging again. I do feel less pressure from all the writing rule that I must follow as a new blogger. But now I don’t care much what others will say instead of doing what fulfills me more. 


My brother’s birthday.
Shout out to my lovely brother. He is the star for this month. We will have his birthday dinner this coming Saturday or Sunday. We used to surprise him with a birthday cake, though after growing up and he’s now 25 years old we didn’t do much apart from wishing him birthday. The most important thing for us is to gather around with each other as a family which is enough to make a wonderful moment for us. 


Connection with God’s presence.
I’m a believer of God, so this month I manage to feel his presence more than I ever had. I was so caught up with my own world, but God helped me to reflect back before losing track of myself. Sometimes I tend to forget what’s important in life. That’s why I’m relieved God answered my prayer to make an improvement in my life. I received a lot of blessing throughout this month and there’s just so much to be grateful of.  


Talking to my important person.
I have a long distance relationship with my loved one for almost 5 months now. But I feel grateful for him to be with me even if we are far apart. For him to spend his time talking and give me motivations during my hard time is really wonderful. I really appreciated whenever I had those conversations with him. There are times when he saw me crying and encourage me to take it easy. It’s one of the loveliest memories to be kept. 
“Work is not a place for you to hurt yourself,” I mentioned this quote in my previous post too. It encourages me to not pressure myself. So I will put this up in my highlights too. 


Trackback my saving.
Usually, I won’t track my money instead of spending them unconsciously.  I was so carefree about money too, but now I realize how important it is for me to track my money and all my savings. Most of the day, I totally have no idea where my money goes. To tell you the truth I’m a person who spends and keeps spending without thinking properly sometimes. So I’m taking this as a big achievement in this month because I took a step forward to make a change in my life. 




The pressure is real.
This month was quite a hard month for me, I was putting much pressure and forgetting about a lot of things. I feel drained and a lot of crying happened. But even though that moment was not great for me, I learn to see the good result in it. And actually, nothing is as hard as I thought it would. 


I let the procrastinate self to run my month.
Procrastinate is a major one for me. This is one of the habits that were supposed to be thrown out of the window. I have a long to-do list to be done in the month of May, but I finished them only by today. What do you think? Very bad isn’t it? While writing this down, I realize how fast time flies and I’m wasted most of my time with this procrastinate attitude. But lesson learned and I’m glad to finish them today without dragging till next month.


Complaining about the small little things.
Unhealthy mind, yeah. I know, and that’s me who lose control of them. To be honest, we all have the ability to control the actions of doing and words that come out from ourselves. But we decide to continue with complain or not. Even now I’m still learning about life, and I discover most of the problem actually come from within me. After some realization about how life works, if I treat people with love and care I can surpass them easily.

What goal do I want to achieve next month:

  • Make more time for me.
  • Take it easy and every hardship will pass.
  • Spend time to study Japanese (Reading and writing)
  • Reading at least one or two books.
  • Complete my online classes from skillshare.
  • Finished tasks faster. (Avoid procrastination) 
  • Live in the present moment and appreciate everything.
  • Listening to one podcast every day.
  • Less scrolling to social media and no comparing.
  • Treating others with more kindness and love.
  • Changing “what if” to “even if”. 
  • Visualize your highest self.
  • Stop blaming yourself.
  • Be organized and stick to what I wanted to do.

Thankful and grateful:

  • I’m alive and able to received so much blessing in life.
  • God never leaves my side even though I sometimes forget about him.
  • I’m loved by others especially my family.
  • I have enough to live my life wonderfully.
  • My mom is the best person in the world.
  • I have work that stable for me.
  • I always have someone to pushes me forward and support unconditionally.
The fact that May is ending and a new month are approaching. I have no idea how it will be in the month of June, but I hope everything will turn out well. Everyday life is a struggle for each and everyone, but apart from we leaving another day to a new one, each day has reflections to be made. And we can decide to see them as a good or bad day. One thing to bring forward into a new brand day is learning to better yourself. 


Anyway, I’m joining a camp for a week starting on the 3rd of June. I’m quite nervous as It’s my first time to join a camp and living with a foster family. But I know everything will be okay and I’m excited to learn something new from it.


Thank you so much for reading, and I would love to know how’s your May going too. 

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Steph Social

Congrats on relaunching your blog and reconnecting with God! Good luck with all your upcoming goals!


On the SEO part, maybe you should think less of it if you want to enjoy blogging. But who am I to comment because I myself does a lot of SEO activities to boost my blog’s traffic. So stick with it. SEO is a necessary evil.

Ritu Sharma

Wow, seem like you may gone good and congo for Renewing your lost blog.

Mavs Escala
Mavs Escala

Aww. Happy birthday to your brother!


I hope you’re able to meet all your goals for next month.


I hope you meet all your goals for next month.

Alexandra Cook
Alexandra Cook

Seems like you have so many ups and down but glad that you were able to make things positive. This was a great read, thanks

Ola @ WanderWithOla

Oh wow, it’s awesome that you’ve done quite much last month. Cheers to achieving your goals this month! What class are you taking on skillshare? Any recommendations? 🙂


I love how honest your writing is. It’s almost as if I could “hear” your voice. You’ve accomplished a lot in 30 days. Try not to be too hard on yourself. The best thing you did though was to take time to focus on your relationship with God. That’s SO important. I can’t wait to read your next update!


I loved reading about your may reflections. Happy birthday to your brother! And happy June to you!

David Elliott

Always good to get some more me time for you if you can. And I hope things get better with doing more on the blog. I know when you find what you like to write about, it’s easier to write.

Trina Dinnar
Trina Dinnar

Your post is very insightful and has given me inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas!


Happy Birthday to your brother. I’m with you…just having time together with family is the gift.

Dominique Brooks

I like the idea of having a monthly wrap up post! Happy birthday to your brother and congratulations on restarting your blog!


Your reflection is very encouraging! I agree with you no matter what happen always be thankful and grateful because we are blessed!


I am such a procrastinator as well. It is one of the major things I struggle with. A real headache

A. naberry

Enjoy your camping, have some fun. This is what summer should be about…😉😎

Kristie Cirak

I love your reflection. I need to do this more personaly. Its great to give grattitude for what we have and our experiences.


I feel you dear. We’re all currently suffering from the same thing. It’s a major challenges which took place in our lives but it is always up to us in starting another step forward. all da best okay.