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Life is Unpredictable

This year, I had more news about someone passing because of cancer. Last two months ago, my friend’s mom died from cancer. November I got another news about my teacher who’s battling with stage four cancer. And only two days ago, my grandfather’s brother is diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. 

Knowing about someone’s illness and seeing their struggles to survive is already difficult. The only thing I can do is pray and wish for miracles to happen. I give everything under God’s hand and surrender all my hope to Him. Everything is unpredictable and sad at the same time.


“Like life is short,” he said. “Like you don’t know when it’s going to end. Like some things, left unsaid, can’t ever be said.” ― Jim Butcher


Never see life as another burden.

Those who are fighting for their lives are harder than my everyday struggles. I complained about how amazing life outside of my reach, money, time, burden and all of the ungrateful lists. But to see someone stay in the hospital feeling uncomfortable from all the tubes to support their life can’t be compared to my easy life. It’s pain, it’s sorrow, it’s controlled, but it’s the only hope they have.

There are dreams need to be shortened or never fulfilled. Wish can’t be granted but a wish for more time to see the world. For the time I live twenty-three years of my life, I wasn’t grateful for everything I had. Seeing people come and go in my life, I’m still not aware of how short life is.



Be grateful as others are fearful.

Life can be snatched away easily. Even how healthy we are by avoiding eating the junks, exercising plentiful a day, and take care of everything that was told to hold a longer life span, but to predict our last time to touch the earth is only God knows.

Some young and some live more than others. But we are no strangers to this world. In the end, we are bound to say farewell. People give up with a scream of tears when they were told to live under certain limits of time with only a slight chance of success. 


It’s hard and really really hard.


To be able to type my thoughts while listening to music is a privilege for me to feel grateful for my time. Because right at this moment, someone I knew is suffering and trying their best to endure the pain. I can sit down with my leg straight when others have to force their leg bend just to feel better at least for the time being. My freedom is incomparable with them.


Grateful will never enough.

I understand how much I said about grateful, but this time beyond grateful is needed for me to change. I know I talk more about struggles, but it’s tough to watch their suffering. The efforts of struggles are just too much to bear. The images of their healthy smiles are now left with only memories.

That’s why instead of seeing my life as a burden, I should be grateful for my life. I had it all, I can see the sunrise from the horizon, feel another breeze of the day, and loved from everyone surrounds me. Every detail of life pours me with bags of goodies. So shouldn’t I be more grateful?



It is indeed too short.

There are times I wonder about how my life will be. Whether I’m doing my best or just taking everything for granted. Even though I know it’s a combination of the two, but I guess I should admit. Almost all of my time wasted by taking everything for granted.

I let time helped me instead of doing meaningful things for my life. Wait for tomorrow, then another day and finally a year pass without even trying to fix the mistakes. Look at me, I’m twenty-three. I still remember snippets of my childhood to where I’m today. Age is just a number, but it’s unstoppable with time.


“All things that live, die. This is why you must find joy in the living, while the time is yours, and not fear the end. To deny this is to deny life. To fear this… is to fear life.”― Joe Kelly


Life is no JOKE

For those who are doing their best to live, I wish them good luck. But for those who are still having every privilege, never underestimated life. We are just humans that bound to have illnesses. I thank God for allowing me to feel so many emotions and experience the wonderfulness of life. It is more than what it seems.

Life is not there for you to make fun of. One by one, it’s increasing and decreasing. It’s inevitable, but dealing with loss is what I hate the most. Smearing myself with tears and trying to heal at the same time is the worst. I always admit defeat to this unbearable heartbreak that never once my specialty.



The appreciation to those around me.

I’m lucky enough to have constant support and acceptance from others. My mom who always there to give me a big push when I was in the midst of giving up. My brother who changes my view on life and taught me more about how to understand people. My sister who makes me feel okay about being myself. My boyfriend who willing to listen to all my worries even how distant the place he’s in right now. My friends who willing to be there even how rare we meet up. I can write a full list of people, but it will take ages just to show how much I appreciate their existence.

My life filled with a lot of kindness. What I take compared to the amount that I give is not enough for those around me.

Everyone has given me so much love to feel safe and believe in possibilities. I’ve cried and smile with tears. I’ve given up and risen more than I can count. They are my main source of motivation. To breath for another day is the most meaningful in life.

God is truly generous with life. To offer me a lot of love and love and love, sometimes I don’t think I deserve them. Only with gratefulness can compensate for everything that I have.

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Hasif Hamsyari

I am sorry to hear about your loss and loved ones’ illnesses. Yeah… After all, life must go on and we do not have any other choice but to keep the faith and be strong for we still have people under our care and people who still love and care about us. May God eases everything for us all. 🙏

Rawlins GLAM

Am so sorry to hear about the loss. Yes, all your words rang true about how short life is, how unexpected it could be and how we should savour each breathing moment that we still have left with our loved ones.

Wan Syahida

I have felt the same way when my sister in law passed away because of bone cancer. It was heartbreaking to watch someone dear suffer every day every second. We can’t do anything. Am sorry bout your loss too.

Jaja Zaleha

Sorry to hear about your close losing one and some people struggling with cancer around you. Knowing about others’ illness definitely will make us appreciate our health more. Hope that everything will goes fine for those you are concerned about 🙁


Live life to the fullest and be happy cause we dont know how long we will live. And always be thankful of what you have rather than feel sorry.

Muhammad Naim Abdullah

Terus motivasikan diri anda .Jangan terus salahkan diri sendiri.Cari rakan yg mampu and luahkan perasaan anda dekat dia.Be 💪


Saya tumpang simpati..bertabahlah,setiap yang hidup pasti akan menemui ajalnya.


Sorry to hear about your loved ones, I always say we don’t know what is going on in our bodies; sickness can hit us at any time. No matter how bad we think our life is there is always someone out there who is in a worst situation. Let us give God thanks for life and appreciate every moment we have on this earth.


Moga anda sentiasa dalam situasi yang tenang dan happykan diri anda, setiap apa yang berlaku ada penyelesaiannya

airah syahirah

Bila dengar anyone meninggal I mesti rasa something. I should appreciate my life more and more time with the one I love

Nadia Johari

Sorry to here that..Ni la lumrah alam sebenar..ada yang hidup ada yang pergi..yang pergi kita pray for them..yang hidup ni teruskan hidup. Bila dgr mcm tu mmemng kita akan tukar life kita untuk lebih baik..semoga kita sama-sama dilindungi

Mira Cikcit

This is sad, it’s heartbreaking when someone we’re close to is no longer with us anymore. I’m truly sorry for your loss, hope you’ll find comfort sooner as I know waiting for time to pass by is the hardest.

Mimi Azirah

So sorry tonhear about the loss. Apa yang penting, you kena get strong dan teruskan perjalanan hidup you. Selagi hidup teruskan berbakti dan berbuat kepada semuam


Been there before when my father gone like three years ago. Im sorry for your loss. Keep strong ya


Sory for ur loss.. I’d been there… Losing my father in a blink of eyes is too painful for me. I pray the best for u n ur loves one…
After losing my beloved father, I started to appreciate lil things that I had in life. Never take things for granted because u will never know what will happen in future…
Cheers n hugs for u

Wawa Ashihara

Yes, hidup ini tak dapat dijangka hayat kita sampai bila. Lately pun jiran i meninggal because of cancer… My cousin passed away because he had an accident. Selagi kita hidup, sygilah orang yg kita ada sebaiknya..

ziana eunos

Sorry to gear your lost. Stay strong ok.

Eiza GreenAppleKu

2014, akak kehilangan suami di sebabkan kanser. Masa tu akak ada 4 orang anak dan akak sendiri tidak bekerja. Akak rasa dunia ini tidak adil. Dan kenapa akak yang di uji. Hinggalah satu malam tu, bila terlihat wajah anak-anak, akak terfikir… sampai bila akak nak bersedih dan bagaimana dengan kehidupan anak-anak akak. Mereka dah kehilangan father. Akak pula masih tak boleh move on. Bermula malam tu, akak bertekad untuk move on. Perkara yang dah terjadi, biarkan ianya menjadi kenangan. Kematian adalah sesuatu yang pasti dalam kehidupan. Akak kena terima takdir dengan hati yang tenang. Kuatkan semangat untuk teruskan kehidupan dengan… Read more »


semoga ue okei sahaja. sedih memang sedih but kena move on and jadi more stronger.

Mohamad Khairil Bin Hassan

i am sorry to hear about your loss. i felt the same way when people that close to me passed away. must remember one thing, life must go on and be strong for the future.