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July Reflections

It’s been so long since I last updated my blog. I planned to post my monthly reflections five days ago, but I lost track of them. So, here I am finally sitting down with my laptop to start writing again. Not to mention, my last post was weeks ago and I left my blog stranded by itself for so many days. However, as promised, my monthly reflections will keep on updating even though it’s late but better late than never isn’t it? Writing down my monthly reflections is one way for me to reminisce and tracking back my growth.  

Highlights that went well.


Finishing my exam!
For months I’ve been practicing for my exam and on the last day of July, it’s finally over. I managed to complete one of the heavy tasks for this year and I can have a little space for relaxation now. Even though at first, I have little confidence in my ability but it was a great challenge and I felt so proud of myself for finishing them. I wanted to list them on the first one although the result will only be out after a few weeks, it’s a good achievement for me. I wonder how the result will be. hmmm


Letting go of the HARD
I can say July is also another growing month for me as it taught me to be more observant about my life. I started to notice my not so good habits, changed them and seeing the difference that it does to my life. As I mentioned in my June post, I wrote about my mental health was at its lowest state and I have less tolerance with myself. But July allowed me to cut some heavy tasks and let go a few of my works that took my energy away. My health was badly affected by the constant tiredness every day and I soon realize it’s not all about the money anymore but my well-being. After letting them go slowly, I feel much better than before. Proud of my small decisions (Pat me on the head).


The ability to Believe in Me
Being a person who wanted to achieve more while still believing in good results have been one of my weaknesses. I may look like a confident person on the outside but most of the time I was fighting with my inner thought “I don’t think I’m good enough”, “I can’t handle it”. So I decided to change the way I uttered my words into “I will do my very best!”. Of course, it requires a lot of practice and sometimes I failed too, but I realize it changed my view on many things. There is a time an easy task feel like a heavy burden to me, but most of the time it’s not as hard as it seems and in fact, the hardest one was to fight over my condemnation thought rather than solving the problem itself. I know my ‘LIMITED’ self-esteem won’t be able to lift me up any further, but by changing the way I think has significantly made me more confident in every little thing that I do.


Changing my lifestyle habits
When it comes to time management, I might be the messiest person in my family. So I decided to have some changes in my routines (I will share about my habits in a future blog post). I believe having good habits will improve my life and so it does. Of course, I do break the rules that I’ve set for myself, but I try my best to keep going back to it again. To be honest, it is a struggle. Because changes mean letting go of the regular habits and it’s really hard! One thing I realize, sticking to them too much and feeling worried about not be able to complete them end up leaving me unmotivated to keep going. So for me to avoid this pressure, I let myself to take time slowly for those changes. 


Highlights that didn’t go well.


Not enough time for myself
I’m a person who loves to spend my time alone at home or by going out to a cafe just to have a relaxing moment. But last month, I rarely have time for that because of my packed to-do list. I felt like my life gets messier, especially I’m not good at planning my days. So instead of having time to be alone, most of the time I’m scheduling myself with works and left me with endless fatigue. When I feel so energized, I don’t want to waste my day by not finishing my work when I can set them aside for a while and focusing on my self-care. I guess I was pushing myself too hard and ended up feeling burned out. So I hope next month will be a month for me to reflect on every decision that I’ve made and have more time to myself.
  • I don’t plan to write a lot of what didn’t go well today, one is because I have a long list of them and two, remembering the good ones is much better for me. 


What to bring this month.


Take it SLOW
The less time I spend for myself, the more I felt like rushing into finishing my days. I really need to slow down on everything so I can run away from my friend ‘anxiety’ who always complain about not having enough time to spend. I always hit by the chaos that’s going on in my life and feel like there’s no rest in between but in reality, I should take it slow and realize that I can easily take a deep breath and exist in the present moment to enjoy every minute of my life. 


Keep track with my life
August will be a month packed with events and activities. As a poor memory keeper, I might even mix up my schedules with other things. I started to journal in this early month every day to keep track of my days. Even writing my reflections today makes me wonder what happened during those 30 days of July. Everything was so fast pacing and I can’t even catch up with every little detail of my life until I write them down. I should be thankful for this blog as it gives me a lot of spaces and chances for saving up my memories by sharing them here. So whoever reading this, thank you so much for spending your time on the blog just to read my story.


Believe in Me
As mentioned above, most of the time I don’t give myself enough credit for doing the things that I’m capable of. My self-esteem is not always the best when it comes to my works especially thinking about the lack of ideas and not creative enough. But honestly, I can have a bunch of ideas but rarely try them out because I don’t think it’s worth to try. Of course, it is also me to blame for not listing down ideas that can bring up my creativity. That’s why this is one of the important notes for me to bring into my daily life. I think the most difficult part of my life has always about not believing in the ability to see myself can do better than I thought. However, I’ve been practicing to be less of that and there’s nothing wrong with failure because there’s always help from those who are willing to support me back up again. And it means I’ve tried. 


I may not be able to write more for this month because my writing seems to be drifting away after some times.
But my little writer mind always believes it will come back and be greater.
Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading them until the end. 
I hope you have a great day and whatever you do, do not give up!  
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Sarah Conley

Hi Lala! Self reflection is so important! I’m glad you found a self-reflection outlet in blogging. I hope you meet your goals for August!


Yes Ma’am!! Let go of the hard stuff!! I really believe that this is the year of self-care!!

Ntensibe Edgar

Hhhhmmm….you need to make more time for yourself as Lala and not any other person. That’s because no one will actually do so for you and I say this strongly from experience!


That’s a great evaluation of what you achieved! I personally keep a journal for doing this. I enjoy meditation, skin care, yoga & cardio as part of my self-care routine.

Terri Beavers

Congrats on finishing your exam. I’m sure that must have felt like a relief to have it over with. Changing lifestyle habits are always hard to me.


This is so nice and honest of you that you are putting all in words. Changing Lifestyle and giving enough time for self care requires lot of efforts and planning. Enjoying the present and making most of the current moment goes hand in hand with taking slow. You can do it. Slow and steady you will be there.

Viano Dee

This is very nice. It shows that you are aware of your slacks and you’re making effort to change them. It could be stressful but with time you’ll adjust. But most importantly, you have to believe in yourself. You have to learn to be strong for you.

Sonja Hoff

It is so important to make time for yourself!! I love your goals for this month. Slowing down can really help you create that time for yourself that you really need. Good luck with all of your goals this month, and congrats on all of your July accomplishments!

Steph Social

Great self reflections! Reminds me of what I need to reflect on- things that are taking too much energy!


Honestly, changing lifestyle habits can help SO much with your other goals too! I know that when I feel more in control of my life, other things kind of naturally fall into place 🙂


It sounds like you had a very reflective July! Congrats on being able to let go of some things that weren’t serving you well and congrats on finishing the exam!


I know it’s hard sometimes, but we all need to make time for ourselves.

Alix Maza

I probably need to focus on myself this month… Good luck with everything!

Jasmine Watts

I’m glad you’re able to make these realizations and made the changes necessary for you to grow.


as for me i focused on self love. that is all.

Martina Roy

This is very really unique helpful information. keep it up. Thank you so much!


Hi lala! Thanks for visiting my blog. Here to visit yours and you got yourself a new subscriber! Hehe. I enjoy reading your reflections as I personally believe it is necessary for our mental and emotional health and life progression. Look forward to read your August reflection, have a nice day! <3