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Blogging first post

You never know how excited I’ve been just to set up my blog till now. It feels so good to finally published my first post ever. I believe this is a platform where I can freely voice out my stories and still be myself. 

I’ll be sharing my new adventures, tips, and all the exciting fun stuff with you which I consider as half of my life. Though please bear with me if you find me rambling about different things from time to time as I tend to carried away by a lot of stuff and that’s how I am. If I feel it’s worth to share, it will pop on my blog.

I love food, traveling, skincare, makeup and of course, there’s more but I won’t write a full list of them here just because you might end up reading it for hours.

I’ll try to write as much as possible and hope to help as much as I can. If any of my post you seem to like it, don’t be shy to drop me a message just with Hi and tell me you exist. I love to talk a lot. But to be honest I’m quite a shy person in real life. Even starting a conversation can be an awkward situation for me. 

Looking back I would never imagine I will be here and I’m so grateful for everything that I had as to how God led me to this decision. I know having the time to write and wondering what to write took a lot of my courage. But I feel like I wanted to try and engage with people. I love giving tips on how to carry on life with different circumstances that I had experienced throughout my life. Though it can be different with others, as here I will share what I’ve learned.

I’m not a literate person as English is not my first language, and I tend to make mistakes. Don’t hesitate to correct me if I do because I want to learn from you too. But I’m sure to learn more as I grow along with my blog. 

So here I am starting off my story as a beginner blogger. Join along with my newest space full of different moments. I hope this blogging path that I chose would help you get the inspiration or help that you may need. I would like to send my gratitude to those who help me get through this and suggesting a lot of ideas even without knowing the fact of who I am. 

Thank you so much for coming here and spending your time to read a bit about myself. I hope you enjoy everything that I present now or in the future!

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Rohit Pandey

Loved the post
keep up the work


That’s a perfect start   well done – love your honesty and vulnerability. You did good (and great pic!!). Don’t forget to send us the link to your next one when you’ve written it!


Happy 1st-blog-post to you! Congrats! I bet you feel very relieved now that it’s done. For me, nervousness and a bit of fear kicks in when it’s time to share something very personal or kinda painful on the blog. This voice in my head says people either won’t care or will think I’m being silly. This year I’m challenging myself though, to be a bit more personal on the blog. My aim is to help young women in so many ways, by I think I’d first have to get comfortable with being vulnerable with my readers, to show them that… Read more »


Amazing! I love your first post, congratulations on starting! Every post after this gets a little easier.

Fabiana Nilsson
Fabiana Nilsson

Looking forward to seeing where this journey will take you, Lala! Hugs from a friend from the Uncaged Lifers group.

Crystal Joey
Crystal Joey

Retweeted, good luck on blogging! xoxo