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I’m Lala, freely writes to share my passion with you. I will write a combination of all sorts of things including self-development & growth, language learning, traveling and anything we can experience in life.

I wish to inspire you with the journey that I shared in this blog in the hope that you will in a way experience and learn from it too. I believe that every day I will learn something new and every challenge we face will be a lesson that makes us stronger, even how hard it may seem.

My idea of self-improvement is through connecting with others, which I love doing. Whether or not I know my readers in real life, I hope my blog could give them the support and care that they may need. You see I have this belief that everyone has a kind heart. It just depends on whether or not they want to act against it.

I will be writing in English because it gives me the chance to connect with people regardless of where they’re from. Though English is not my first language so I tend to make mistakes, but I enjoy what I do and love doing it. 

The thing that I want to avoid the most is regretting.

Thank you so much for being here.