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A Moment to Realize

Recently there’s so many things going on in my life and my schedule packed with events. I was handling a lot of things, had less sleep and my emotions were jumbled up. The negativity started to overpower the positive energy and leading my day with uncertain emotions. The tiredness makes me want to curl on my bed for the entire day. Not wanting to meet anyone and want to have a few moments just for myself. I felt all the stresses from work, money, and all the things that shouldn’t prioritize much. It took me a while to get back on my pace again

So a few days ago I questioned myself, what’s bugging my mind? Is it something that I can’t handle or I just want my emotions to be fed by others? Why am I acting and feeling this way? The never-ending questions to myself why this and that. Why, why and just why. So here I am writing this down after finally calming down from my emotions and ready to get back on track. 

Snap out of it! 

Being caught up by the uncertain thoughts made me complain, even though I knew I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I realize how I was building this negative wall within me and let the emotions to overpower my day. “Why should it be this way? If only I can re-do it again. I made a mistake, and I’m not good at it.” 
Finally, I told myself to calm down and SNAP OUT OF IT because everything will be okay. Stop being pessimistic and just enjoy the moment. And as for my thoughts, stop thinking about the issues that never existed. It’s all the future to decide, you are not there yet, why bother to make assumptions? There is the time we need to view from far to see what’s the reason behind everything that we are feeling right now. 

Check yourself.

This year I started to notice, whenever I felt tired, especially with the lack of sleep, I got irritated by small things even though it’s not a big deal. I tend to lose control over the emotions and unconsciously pressed on my angry button. To be honest, it’s easy to let go of anger and fire it out to others, isn’t it? But sometimes we didn’t realize the real problem come from within. Even though I said everything will be okay, but if we choose not to change, we will never change. Don’t blame others when we can’t solve our own problem. No one can help you if you don’t help yourself, because the greatest motivations are always come from within you. Always be vulnerable to yourself, don’t try to hide and pretend like a cheeky thief of emotions, because you know best.  

Find comfort from others.

Since we have a lot to think about, sometimes everything seems blurry and complicated. That’s why talking to your close one can help you feel at ease. So whenever I’m having those bad days and have no idea how to sort out my emotions, I took some time to calm down and talk to someone. I always seek advice and find answers from my mom, brother, sister or boyfriend. They might have gone through the same but most of the time people’s way of thinking can differ from our perspective. Asking and listening to others opinion is a way to realize that you were never alone. Everyone has their own worries too. Even how difficult your impression towards the problem, there are others who are unfortunate than you.

Power from The Universe

When the challenges felt so heavy, I started to find faults in me. I lose myself along with the problems while the actual matter is not as big as I visioned. However, I never lose hope and believe that God or the Universe will never give me something I can’t handle. The hardship will only be temporary and nothing in this world will last. But in order to feel that way, I need to be patient and grateful so I can solve any hardship that comes in my life with a peace of mind. I do pray and find support from God to back me up when I feel unworthy. It shapes me to become a better person. Believe you can do it, and never give up. Always know that you are loved and there is someone who will support your back. 

Excuse yourself and ease your expectations.

Most of my life has been about the expectations of getting a superb result to anything that I do. Don’t get me wrong, it was me the one who sets it and wanting only good results. But the more I grew, the more I realize that expectations will either help or condemn you. It’s okay to have expectations but don’t hang to them when it didn’t turn out to be as expected. It will pressure you a lot especially with the image of achieving it big. Always give permission to yourself to relax and not to highlight your wrongs. I know how hard it can be to accept when something really big turns the other way around, though success will never be achieved without the UNSUCCESS. From the mistakes, we learn to find better solutions. 


“Life is a platform for the learners, if you let yourself to learn, you won’t be scared to make mistakes.”

Here’s a quote from my boyfriend that kept me going for the week:
“Work is not a place for you to hurt yourself.”

But because of the things that happened recently, it shows me how emotions can really lead my life either in a chaotic or tranquil way. I was attached by my negative emotions and allowing them to lead my day. When tiredness is presences in our life, it’s easier to complain than to be calm.

Be reminded that you will always be okay.Take a break for a while when things got too overwhelmied. Whoever reading this do take care of yourself!

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Aww. I find it easy to snap out of negative emotions but so many people I know can’t. I’m grateful for the tips and advice that you share, like relying on others etc. No one should beat themselves up. It might be a case of mental health difficulties that need to be addressed just like any other physical difficulties.


Hey hun I’m happy you are feeling better. Stay encouraged.


This is a very insightful article. I often find that small things build in my mind especially if I put off dealing with them. It’s important not to let these things get on top of us. I always try to remind myself how trivial these things are in the bigger scheme of things.

Kate Murray

Thank you for sharing this article…it resonates so much, especially when you are an online entrepreneur. We all share so many of these emotions but have a hard time bringing them into focus to take care of ourselves! I couldn’t agree with you more, motivation is intrinsic!

Stephanie Stebbins

I needed to read this today. I can get trapped in a cycle of negative thoughts as well and I think this will help the next time it happens so thank you <3


This is a great post! Thank you so much for the same. I sometimes feel the same way and yes as you said, all you have to do is just snap out of it because everything is gonna be ok.


As a mom we are hard on ourselves sometimes and we forget kids don’t need perfect. they need happy. Thanks for this post.

Lydia Smith

Yea we all this in our daily life thou I find it hard to snap out it easily but will try that more often. So glad you are back on track.

Catherine Santiago Jose
Catherine Santiago Jose

Such a very insightful article to read. Negative emotions and thoughts doesn’t really help us to grow as a person and as an individual. But I am glad that you are feel better now and hoping to continue that feeling for a longest time.


Such a great post. This is what I need sometimes when I get extremely exhausted and stressed over things.


I recently have been going through a lot and I honestly needed this. I need to realize and accept what I cant change abd have the courage to move on

Kalyan Panja

Thanks for sharing these nice tips to take a breath in the rush of modern life. Looks something to try out to reduce my daily fatigue.

Crystal Carder

I love this post. I needed this, too! I love how you say no one can help you if you don’t help yourself, definitely something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

Fatima Torres

Sometimes we forget the value of our tribe. We help one another get through the hard parts of life.

Alexa Pilo

Great article, the first step is to recognize, when you do this you know where to start and that is wonderful, since we are almost never aware of what we feel and because … it just happens and that’s how we stay. thank you thank you thank you!

Mavs Escala
Mavs Escala

It is always best to check yourself. Love yourself before anything else.

Jackline A

Great article. Sometimes we overthink things when we should not worry about the little things.

Nina Cochingco
Nina Cochingco

These are the kinds of blog every parents need whenever they are exhausted and stressed. I wilk share these with my friends.

alexandra cook
alexandra cook

What a great content! this has to be shared to others, worth reading!

Alexandra Pilo-Torrijos

I fully believe in the power of the universe. Also, is easy to create issues where they don’t exist so is important to snap out of them fast!