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7 Things To Remind Yourself Before You Start Running

Things to know before run

Last Saturday, I participate in a 6km Nexus Beach Run organized by the Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai. I love taking challenges like this, especially if it’s good for my body. The first time I joined a run was two years ago, which was the 10km  Halloween Run. I’m not an expert in sport, but whenever I’m running, I always keep track of my routines to stay safe and reduce the risk of injuries.


I know sometimes we can get too excited and went straight for it, but first thing first it is important to warm up your body for at least 5-10minutes. It helps to loosen your muscles and keep the heart rates up. Allowing your body to change into workout mode without shocking your muscles and enable the blood circulations to flow properly. Get them ready for some activities!


Foods…and who doesn’t love them? I know how tempting is it to see all the food and feel the urge to grab it. But stop, don’t do it. Don’t run with a full stomach. You need to avoid side stitch where your side stomach feels cramped and painful. I always had that and I thought there’s something wrong with me. But actually, it’s normal. If you want to eat, at least 2-4 hours before is recommended. After knowing it, it helps me a lot, as I used to eat so much before I run and feeling so heavy and dizzy. Your stomach needs some time to digest the food. Choose a light meal that is easy to digest and enough to give you energy. Don’t pick those kinds of heavy food with high fibers and fats as it takes a longer time to process in your stomach.


Water, water, water. It’s always important to keep your body hydrated especially you are doing a long run. But this is exactly a no-no. The best time for that is to drink 30 minutes before your run. I used to drink a full gallon of water before running, ended up my stomach cramps hits me. After doing a lot of running and experiencing with myself I realize how much water quantity actually can result in the pain. Of course, you need to stay hydrated along the road, but make sure to drink a little bit at a time to rehydrate. And so come to my next point.


Drinking a lot of water will make you want to weewee in a short period of time. Don’t forget head to the bathroom, even if you don’t feel like it and think about holding it, just go. Especially during a long run, it will be so uncomfortable when you have the sudden urge for a bathroom and what if there’s none. That will be worse.


Choosing a right shoe will avoid more injuries. How amazing it is now we have all sorts of shoe design for a different purpose. If you have troubles finding the right shoes, look for an expert at your place and they will tell you what’s best for your foot. I used to run with any shoes and end up getting a blister. It’s so uncomfortable when you wanted to run for a long distance, but then your foot is hurting. So choose a proper shoe and enjoy the run. 


Whenever you ready to go, make sure to run at a slow pace and not speeding up or you will get tired easily. I understand how pumped you can be and wanted to finish faster but don’t get caught up in the mood and sprint through the run. That has always been my old-time habits. A run is not about competitions but more about you, listen to your body and take your time. You can always take a walk break. 


If you never had a long run before, make sure you prepare for at least few months ahead. Train yourself, find your pace and don’t force into running fast, start slow and focus on your breathing. I used to have a habit where I breathe faster and making my running hard. Everything is a learning process, find what the best for your body. Nothing comes fast when you want to achieve something, start running in a short distance and slowly increase the number. Run, jog and walk as long as you keep your feet moving.


I never imagine myself will be running on the beach. It was so much fun and the best run so far. Seeing everyone doing their best to the finish line was so inspiring, you won’t feel any presence of giving up. You feel so pumped and happy at the same time. I manage to finish within an hour with a jog, run, and fast walk. I’m not sure about others but there are those who take a 12km run before us and some of them finished earlier. 

Here’s a 6 o’clock sunset, how beautiful is that, if you are there to see it, the atmosphere are more mesmerizing than just an image.

Sometimes doing things outside your imaginations can be far more interesting. I’m surprised to see how much I’ve achieved. As when I was in my teenager age, I used to never like running, but after doing it, I wanted to challenge myself for another run again.

Why don’t you try it too, jog outside and experience a different environment? 

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Abhishek Srivastava

Very informative….

Lexis Hershey

Good info! Thanks for the post. Will implement some of these tips for my next run 🙂


Great share! When I’m on a beach I usually go for a walk to savor the breeze and warmth of the air. I haven’t tried jogging but I think this is one good idea I could try on.


Great article! Its reminded me that we really should be making sure everything is warmed up before getting into physical activities. I’m inspired to get back to warming up with my family before we start our days. Thats like a long run, right? Lol.
Again great read


I am SO BAD about properly warming up before I exercise. I really need to do better about that before I hurt myself!


I have always wanted to do 5k marathons but when I start training, I always tend to jump in with no regard to starting off slow. I may have to try again and keep in mind your tips. Thanks!

Jessica Joachim

I am SO not a runner, but lately I have been contemplating trying. My husband loves to run so maybe I will give it a shot.

Sarah Bailey

This is such a great post – I have to admit I wouldn’t know what to do before going on a run to make sure my body was in a good condition.

Serena Hale

Nice post that shares some very beneficial tips. I am not a runner, but I am trying to get into walking in the morning but warming up is one of the best things. I have gone for walks and have came home with cramps.


This is great! And heck yeah, kudos to you on your fun! I’ve recently started running and I absolutely love it. I’m definitely looking forward to my first 5k in October.

All of these tips are so important! I put a big emphasis on taking it slow when I run. I find that it also helps prevent any injuries! Or at least doesn’t make any past injuries worse!


Nice article! I need to get into running and this article gave useful tips to keep in mind when I eventually do!


These are great tips, I am not a big runner but I will remember these when I get back into it, thanks for sharing!

~xo Sheree


Great tips on running at the beach, you get a good workout and enjoyed the good view! I am pretty sure running on the beach burn more calories than running on the normal ground/path.


Informative :). Good to know about eating 2-3 hrs before running, Most of the times I tend to grab a bite before going for a run or walk.

Emma Riley
Emma Riley

Such a great tips before going to a run. It is so important to warmth up before doing any physical activities and wearing a comfortable clothes will really help you to move easily.


These are all great tips. I haven’t been running in years but I always say how much I want to get back into it. I’ll have to remind myself of these things.Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Prince
Jennifer Prince

These are great tips! I need to get back into running again, and water is so so important.


Great info! This will help me on my next run! Thanks!


I’ve been running for years and I can vouch for these tips! Indeed all of this is really important considering before you start running!

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

This was such an informative post. You made some really helpful suggestions to make anyone taking up running be prepared properly.

Esme Sy
Esme Sy

Wow, that sunset is indeed beautiful. I just realized that I still want to continue my jogging routines, I just wish I can do it along the beach as well. Back then was OCD for bringing water or Gatorade along with me at all times, haha.


Warming up is really important for our body. Thes are a great guide on how to have a proper warm up.


These are great running tips. Need to run to get back into shape!